Three Important Lessons Learned

This year’s deadline for submitting applications to the MSCA funding scheme is approaching quickly. This funding scheme is, arguably, one of the most competitive and one of the most prestigious schemes the European Union has to offer.

Applicants have only 10 pages to present a striking research idea and explain to reviewers why this is a great idea which, at the same time, advances science, has a clear application scenario and is suitable to grow the applicant’s knowledge.

To me, three aspects are particularly important in increasing the likeliness of being funded:

  1. Make sure it is a perfect match! Your project idea must be very innovative and unique and it must fit you AND your mentors for BOTH, the outgoing and incoming phase.
  2. Make sure to EVALUATE your own proposal using the known review criteria SEVERAL times and be VERY harsh when doing it.
  3. Work on your proposal EVERY DAY.